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Demand generation improve your email marketing and lead generation through effect web analytics and personalised email marketing
Improve your marketing ROI through enhanced email marketing and web analytics
Turn email campaigns into true leads

"Everyone at Flex is very, very impressed with Profunnel's system as it turns email campaigns and online activity into true leads. The client services team are exceptionally knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. They are always on hand to provide support and we are very impressed by their commitment to making sure we get excellent results." Jackie Jackson, Recruitment Services Director, Flex Recruitment

Improve B2B lead generation
Improves Marketing ROI

Demand Generation - All your online & email marketing software needs catered for in one sophisticated demand generation solution. Move your email marketing software & online marketing to the next level integrating multi-channel demand generation marketing. Increase lead generation & online conversions whilst reducing costs.

Improves Marketing ROI >>

Improve social media marketing
Improves Lead Generation

Demand Generation - Faster, better and cheaper lead generation through intelligent tracking and online visitor lead scoring. Go to the next level of demand generaton & lead generation through improving B2B lead generation and revenue.

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Improve lead conversion
Focuses Sales People on Warm Leads

Demand Generation - Intelligent lead scoring provides sales people with profiles on interested parties who are ready to buy. Focus your sales people on qualified warm leads and increase sales conversions through creating demand generation.

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Improve email marketing
A More Effective Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software - Take your email marketing to the next level. Less email blasting - greater impact! Build, design and send personalised email marketing messages defined by web analytics.

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Bring sales and marketing together
Brings Sales and Marketing Together

Demand Generation - Integrate your sales CRM and Marketing strategy together to improve B2B lead generation and online marketing ROI. Let demand generation provide qualified leads, sales people provide higher conversions and the company increased revenue.

Brings Sales and Marketing Together >>

Demand Generation

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White Paper

Email Marketing is Dead

I don't know how many times I have heard people say
'cold calling is dead.' In fact, I've been known to say it myself, especially when my old boss asked me to hit the phones. And yet companies keep using the phone to win business.

Read our latest white paper looking at whether email marketing is truly dead...

Email Marketing is Dead>>

7 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

1. Increased Quality of Leads
2. Increased Quantity of Quality Leads
3. Responds to the Buyers Needs
4. Reduced Marketing and Sales Costs
5. Increased Revenue
6. Sales and Marketing Alignment
7. Close Sales Faster
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